About Us

Combs Insurance Agency has been an active part of the Alaskan community for over 50 years. Drawn to Alaska’s breathtaking Matanuska Valley with visions of homesteading, Earl and Mary Combs began their journey north. Relying on prior insurance experience, they established Combs Insurance Agency in 1967.

The cornerstone of our Agency was built by the solid foundation created by Earl and Mary’s vision and commitment to serve the community by providing professional insurance products. Today, we continue with that vision and are known throughout Alaska as a well-established full-service insurance brokerage.  We are dedicated to connecting with each of our clients, understanding your business concerns, and fostering community and business growth by providing unapparelled risk management and financial support.

Our clients are in a variety of industries including school districts, municipalities, utilities, construction, real estate, human and social services, medical facilities, veterinarians, hospitality, restaurants, amusement, tourism, and many more.

 Our commitment to your business can be best summed up in what we call,    “The Combs Connection”

“The Combs Connection”


Business is a journey.  Every day your business faces decisions of vital importance, and we are here to support that journey.


Providing a personal touch to every client by taking the time to know you and your business goals.


Valuing your business operations and providing financial protection through cost-effective risk management strategies.


Offering the highest level of professionalism through continuing education to broaden our knowledge and stay current in an ever-evolving industry.


Focusing on the solution, not the problem.


We encourage open communication between ALL parties.


Building and sustaining long-term partnerships grounded in honesty, loyalty, fairness, respect, integrity and transparency.


We work for you and only you.  Decisions regarding your insurance are made here, not out of State.


Your success is our success.  We measure satisfaction through your understanding of the insurance process that benefits you.


We continually strive to provide
“The Right Coverage at the Right Price.”®

Our Mission

To provide prompt, courteous and trustworthy service to our clients utilizing our dedicated professional team and effectively delivering our clients with financial protection that adheres to the principles of “The Right Coverage at the Right Price.”®

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